Support on location by our offices in Yerevan (ARM)*, Tbilisi (GEO)* and
's-Hertogenbosch (NL) including:

  • Recruitment of staff
  • Research and examination of the local company
  • Administrative and secretarial support
  • Representation of your company/brand
  • Assistance in transportation (personal driver) and in translation activities
  • Provision of comprehensive and specific information about Caucasian market
  • Traineeship for interested candidates
  • Assistance with import and export of goods
  • Support with standardizations of goods

Use of our reliable network and experience, which is built and enriched in more than a decade

  • We open doors for your company's future businesses
  • We introduce you to governmental authorities, local authorities, businesmen and our reliable partners

Assistance in preparation and management of the projects in Caucasus region

  • Processing of requests for funding and/or finance for projects and tenders
  • Support in handling and conducting projects
  • Legal support
  • Travel and accommodation services
  • Translation of documents from/into Dutch-Russian-English-Georgian-Armenian

Providing necessary information

  • Database for solutions
  • Acquaintance with customers
  • Market expertise
  • Estimation of competition


*by Morris Group -