Holland Trade Support is active in The Caucasus since 1997.
HTS has completed various agro projects with and without Dutch government funding

  • The first two projects with a funding from the EVD (agentschap.nl and RVO.nl) took place in 1999 and 2002 (Feedian and Porkian).

Project Title:    "Feedian", Integerated feed production in Armenia

Project starting date:              1st june 1999
Project finishing date:            31 october 2001
Estimated project budget::    450,000 EUR


1999 - Mr. Gerrtit Zalm (Minister of Finance of The Netherlands)
Mr. Maurice P. Kerens (HTS)


Project Title:    "Porkian", Integrated Pork Production in Armenia
Project starting date:              1st January 2002
Project finishing date:            30th July 2004
Estimated project budget::    EUR 544.536
  • The most recent project with funding from agentschap.nl is Vasanavhin, Armenia (2014/2015). Budget: € 1.5 million.


  • Most recent commercial projects without government subsidy that HTS has helped complete:

2013 – 2014. One of the largest and most modern hatchery established by PasReform. Sabudara LTD, Georgia.

           2013 – 2015. The largest slaughterstreet of chickens in the Caucusus is supplied by Meyn Poultry for 
                                  whom HTS acts as agent to Chirina LTD, Tbilisi Georgia.


Holland Trade Support is regularly requested to hold lectures / presentations on doing business in Armenia and Georgia.
HTS is also often sought to assist with matchmaking.
A new trade mission to Armenia and Georgia, organized by HTS in cooperation with the Morris Group Armenia and Georgia, is on the program of 2016.